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The Journey Inward

When The Village Meditates is a nonprofit dedicated to providing free meditation programs to members of racialized and marginalized communities. We offer a safe and inclusive space where all are welcome to come and embark on the journey inward. At When The Village Meditates the focus is on slowing down and paying attention to whatever sensations, feelings and thoughts are alive within the individual.

Here and Now

By observing the breath, with great curiosity and kindness, the individual enters a meditative state which allows him or her to experience the here and now. In this way, the individual steps out of autopilot, a state of mind where one completes tasks without conscious thought, to experience reality.


In addition to helping people bring more presence into their daily lives, When The Village Meditates offers exercises designed to cultivate greater empathy and compassion for all sentient beings.

Pastel Remembrances

Coming February 2021


Inspired by the people and places Fimo Mitchell has experienced during his travels around Asia, Africa and Europe, Pastel Remembrances, is a collection of short stories that will have readers laughing, crying and reflecting.

Some of My Favorite Quotes


Fimo Mitchell is a writer and meditation guide. In 2020 he founded When The Village Meditates, a nonprofit located in Montreal, Canada. When The Village Meditates offers free meditation programs for children, teenagers and adults. Fimo came across the contemplative practice of meditation during his first trip to India, a decade ago. Since then, he has spent thousands of hours in meditation and has completed two mindfulness courses along with a ten-day silent retreat to fortify his practice. He launched meditation programs at two international schools in China, where he worked as an English teacher for 16 years. This year, Fimo has facilitated mindfulness workshops at several universities, high schools and community centers. This winter, he will launch his third book, Pastel Remembrances.